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I am a freelance systems architect and software engineer specialising in Microservices, high performance systems and IoT.

I founded the London Microservices User Group (2.5k members)

I created the Muon open source Microservice platform

I am available to hire

Recent Articles and Talks

August 13, 2017

Building Reactive Microservices using Muon and scaling them using Kafka, Cassandra and friends

Learn how Muon helps you to build highly portable polyglot Reactive Microservices. The Muon model lets you implement your systems quickly from widely available and easy to use technologies, then scale it naturally by bringing in systems like Kafka, Cassandra and Hazelcast. This can be done wtihout changing your application code.

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July 10, 2017

Styles of Event Architecture

Event architectures are undergoing a renaissance in the brave world of Microservices. What are the different types of event architecture you can apply?

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April 06, 2017

Generic DAO in Spring with Parameterized Types

In this post I document how we created the Repository system in the Newton framework. Enabling auto creation of repositories and injection of interfaces that use Generics

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February 28, 2017

Building a deploy environment on AWS- Experiments with Rancher and Kubernetes

Rancher is an orchestrator of orchestration for containerised systems. I needed to upgrade my systems management to be more automated and robust, Rancher seemed a good option due to the flexibility. In this blog, I document some experiences with the tool/

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