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I am a freelance software engineer specialising in Microservices, high performance systems, rich front end applications and IoT.

I founded the London Microservices User Group (2.5k members)

I created the Muon open source Microservice platform

I am available to hire

Recent Articles and Talks

April 06, 2017

Generic DAO in Spring with Parameterized Types

In this post I document how we created the Repository system in the Newton framework. Enabling auto creation of repositories and injection of interfaces that use Generics

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February 28, 2017

Building a deploy environment on AWS- Experiments with Rancher and Kubernetes

Rancher is an orchestrator of orchestration for containerised systems. I needed to upgrade my systems management to be more automated and robust, Rancher seemed a good option due to the flexibility. In this blog, I document some experiences with the tool/

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February 22, 2017

Muon Developer Diary

Regular developer diary for the Muon project. This entry focuses on the Muon project as a whole, covering the various repositories and how they relate. Updates include Photon and event stores.

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February 21, 2017

Introducing Muon

Introduction to the Muon project, it's goals, aspirations and getting started. Muon is a system for building distributed systems well, including Microservices. It enables the use of many design styles, such as DDD and Reactive and covers language libraries, infrastructure integration and a set of functional services for you to use in production.

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