About Me

I am a freelance software engineer and systems architect.

I work extensively in Microservices projects, data architecture (especially event oriented), cloud and IoT.


Twitter: @davidthecoder

Skype: davidadawson

Open Source Work

I spend most of my time on Open Source on the Muon project

This is an advanced microservices/ distributed computing platform covering :-

  • Data, as events using an streaming event store - Photon

  • Very Polyglot. We have Java, Node and in browser production ready. Other languages in development on top of libMuon - written in portable Rust

  • An extensible CLI that allows you to introspect your system (and tab complete services and endpoints!)

  • Advanced reactive protocols. Handle communication concerns without being constrained by RPC like connections. Seriously, http isn’t actually very good.

It is platform agnostic, I deploy it to Cloud Foundry, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes in projects.