Groovy 2/3 day Onsite course

Groovy is a lovely language on the JVM with a syntax that is easy on the eyes and a distinct focus on building practical, pragmatic software.

I will come to your office and deliver a 2 or 3 day introduction to Groovy that you can use to get started with the language and technologies.

I can also deliver this online/ remotely using the Adaptive Learning method managed by Adaptos


  • Use Groovy for cross-platform scripting and application development

  • Integrate Groovy into IDEs and build tools

  • Use closures for functional-style programming

  • Take advantage of Groovy’s dynamic behaviour

  • Incorporate static type checking

  • Use Spock for unit testing


Day 1

  • Installing Groovy and using its tools

  • Working with the core types (numbers, strings, collections, etc.)

  • Diagnosing and handling errors

  • Classes, interfaces, and traits

Day 2

  • Defining and using closures

  • Processing collections, maps and files with closures

  • Unit testing with the Spock framework

  • Gradle Introduction

Day 3

  • Using types with dynamic behaviour

  • Parsing and generating JSON and XML

  • Parsing existing XML with Groovy

  • Creating new XML with Groovy

  • Updating XML with Groovy

  • Validating XML with Groovy

  • Exploring techniques for modifying behaviour at runtime

  • Enabling static type checking and static compilation