Reactive Microservices - 3 day workshop

Microservices have become the goto architecture for building systems that scale, operate natively in the cloud and give you a competitive advantage.

These are the promises, what are the practices that make them real?

This is a 3 day workshop that will teach you the principles of microservices, and give you the tools and techniques to build, manage and deploy them into production effectively.

I can also deliver this online/ remotely using the Adaptive Learning method managed by Adaptos


  • Understanding why microservices

  • How to decompose an existing system and then recompose it into something valuable.

  • Microservices composition using messaging

  • Microservices composition using events

  • Handing complex state using Event Sourcing

  • Complex transactional event systems using Process Managers

  • Service patterns: Gateways, Adapters, Pipelines, Choreography

  • Continuous Delivery of Microservices

  • Applying practical Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)


Day 1

  • Understanding change in a system

  • Designing for change in a system

  • APIs vs Microservices

  • Designing a delivery pipeline for Microservices

Day 2

  • RPCish Microservices and why they hurt you

  • Composing Microservices using Messaging

    • Brokers and Point to Point

    • Schemas

    • Identify and defining Message Protocols

    • Messaging State Machines

  • Composing Microservices using Events

    • Event Driven Architectures

    • Patterns for System Choreography

    • Stream Processing to materialise views of the system

    • Upgrading of views

  • Event Sourcing

    • The Aggregate Root

    • System Commands

    • Understanding System State as an audit log

    • Combining with Stream Processing

    • Snapshotting

Day 3

  • Transactions using Process Managers

  • Event based testing techniques

  • Cloud Deployment

  • Containerisation for deve process and deployment